Child-like mannerisms are in bloom

There’s just something absolutely beautiful about children, isn’t there? You’ve just had a little argument with a child. Now you’re both put off. You retire to your corners to sulk over it. The next instant that little one is next to you, bobbing their head up and down and grinning from ear to ear. ‘What’s this now? It’s hardly a minute passed and you’re here acting as though we didn’t just have a yelling match.’ The little one looks up at you, eyes huge and glowing with excitement. You stand no chance against those eyes, round as saucers, boring into your soul, breaking down your defences. It’s a known fact: children- precious little beings, are the most innocent form of mankind. Not only are they innocent, but they do not have it in them to hold a grudge.

Here’s another thing about these bubbly creatures of wonder: their ability to trust. No doubts, apprehension or cynicism. If you said it was gonna be like this, it certainly would. The child sees no reason for you to lie to him/her. He/she is completely assured that you will do as you have said.

Unless you turn and become like little children..

In the scriptures, we see the Lord make such a weighty reference to them. It behooves us then to truly examine and decidedly imbibe in ourselves what He was talking about. We will find then that the above description of child-likeness is exactly what He wants from us. There is a societal notion that children are the bottom-feeders in the food chain of life. It’s easy to dismiss them and see them as people you can’t learn from. But Jesus says: Unless you learn from and indeed become that child, you are not a candidate for the kingdom of heaven.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I want to trust You recklessly. I want to forgive like You do. Help me to become as the little children in the way that I relate with others, and in my walk with You.

Scripture reference: Matthew 18: 1- 4 (CSB)

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